The Youi guy has revealed in an exclusive interview to Four Corners that he only receives around 15 per cent of his income in the form of actual money.

“I saved 85 per cent off an actual income when I acted for Youi,” the Youi guy told Four Corners host Sarah Ferguson.

“So many rewards, so little disposable income.”

The Youi guy says he uses his Youi dollars to purchase Hungry Jack’s almost every day.

“Yeah, the burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s, tick, but only if you’re not forced to eat them every second day, tick,” said Youi guy.

“Don’t even talk to me about Krispy Cream donuts.”

The Youi guy also revealed that at least 10 per cent of his wage comes in the form of Brazilian Beauty coupons.

“Yeah, I’m struggling to pay rent, but I challenge you to find a single strand of hair on my body from the neck down.”