Ageing white men are furious over the decision by the Australian National University to revoke a new degree in Western Civilisation funded by the John Howard-headed Ramsay Centre.

The outrage – almost akin to the anger one must feel over the mass slaughter of innocent people by foreign invaders (otherwise known as genocide), the systematic stealing of children, slave labour, high rates of deaths in custody, much lower life expectancies, and high rates of suicide – has culminated in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking for an explanation from the ANU Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt.

The treaty proposed by the Ramsay Centre remains confidential and the actual content of the course has yet to be made public.

“The double standards are extraordinary,” says former Prime Minister John Howard, “that they won’t accept our treaty – an agreement where we will pass on our opinion-based views of history in exchange for large sums of cash.”

“It’s a sad day when students are not given the opportunity to learn about and understand the essential features of our free society, which allows people with money and power dictate to academic institutions.”

A significant number of middle-aged white men in high positions have voiced their concerns over the decision to scrap the treaty.

“The free market should reign supreme, where students in higher education can be indoctrinated by the highest bidder, through deals made in secrecy, behind closed doors,” says Greg Sherrin from The Australian.

“What’s an academic institution if they don’t implement courses based on the fundamental principles of Western markets, money.”

Sherrin says, “Private organisations influencing universities are fine when all they want in return is to have an indicative role in course design, reading lists and selection of lecturers, but you can’t have organisations like Getup! supporting unions and political parties.”