Scott Morrison has said the white community in Australia must be more “proactive” in tackling the threat of supremacists terrorizing beach fronts because “in many cases” Caucasians will know who is infiltrating and radicalising “members of their flock”.

Morrison said community engagement was “the only way” law enforcement authorities could stop “white gangs threatening beach-goers”.

In a round of interviews on Sunday the prime minister identified the “vile presence of radical white supremacists” as the cause of the incident, saying mental health issues was a “lame excuse”.

Spiritual leader of white supremacists Senator Fraser Anning has yet to apologize for his followers terrorizing St. Kilda.

Anning (also referred as the “Grand Mofo”) made the trip down from Queensland to attend the gathering of Nazis and claimed the flight on travel expenses.

“I’m too scared to leave my car of because of white Nazi gangs terrorizing the streets,” said one Melbournian.

“I now take a trolley with me when I leave the house.”

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has blamed the Labor Party for allowing African gangs to flourish in Victoria and giving white people ideas, although African gangs disappeared shortly after the Victorian election.

Image: ABC