The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) has announced it will be investigating allegations of bullying within the Liberal Party during the latest leadership spill.

Union officials will look into thuggery and bully boy tactics in the LNP workplace.

The union watchdog said the coalition had “behaved like a bunch of thugs” and it would discuss the matter with Minister for Women Kelly O’Dwyer.

O’Dwyer has acknowledged a bullying problem within the Liberal Party and that several of her colleagues were intimidated during spill.

It followed a threat by South Australian Liberal Senator Lucy Gichuhi to name and shame those she accused of bullying.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “Mr Shorten leapt on the accusations like a drowning man grabbing at a fig leaf.

“Is this the most important thing he’s got to worry about?”

Initial ABCC findings have unearthed a boorishly consistent overuse of the term “snowflake”.

Image: ABC