The atmosphere could be cut with a knife yesterday evening with Brian Tillerson from accounts, aka Office DJ, missing the mark for the third song in a row.

Tillerson laid down a solid first couple of songs, gently lifting the spirits of the third floor office celebrations, but the mood began to turn south when he pulled out his own remix of We Like To Party! by the Venga Boys.

Employees started to give each other the sideways glance as the Venga Boys told the office that the Venga Bus was indeed on its way.

37-year-old James Hunter from sales informed his co-workers that “music is the most important thing at a party” while Tillerson seamlessly remixed Who Let The Dogs Out into the backend of We Like To Party!

“That’s more like it,” said Hunter, “Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.”

Tillerson blamed bad reviews on the sound system.

Image: Flickr/nicksolari