The Commonwealth Bank and Investment group Magellan have abandoned their sponsorship of Cricket Australia and players saying their company’s high values of making money has been damaged by Steve Smith and David Warner not having any more value.

“Our number one value is making a profit – you can’t do that with a flog like David Warner at the helm, although we knew he was at the helm before we signed the deal,” says CBA general manager Clive van Horen.

“We want to sponsor winning cheaters, not winning cheaters that get caught.”

According to CBA executives, Steve Smith failed dismally to cover up the scandal saying he should have said it was the fault of system errors or coding errors.

Van Horen says Smith would have been wise to go with something like, “The fact that the issue was identified ourselves, was fixed ourselves very quickly, was reported proactively to the regulator, we’ve taken steps to put it right.”