Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on breakfast television today he will change the pension rules for politicians to align with the general population.

The majority of retired federal politicians are being paid annual pensions of at least $118,000.

“The government is now trying to apply the same standards to themselves as they do to the electorate in a desperate bid to be relevant in the upcoming federal election,” former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters while sipping on a soymilk latte in New York.

“ScoMo is now desperately proposing sensible policies in an attempt to win the next election,” he said.

Morrison also suggested making changes to post-retirement travel benefits.

Bronwyn Bishop reportedly contacted Morrison after the interview urging the prime minister to “back off”.

“It was a little bit hard to hear what Bishop was saying,” Morrison told reporters, “all I could hear was the whizzing sound of helicopter rotor blades.”

Image: ABC