Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of sharing a “doctored” video, which exaggerates the extent of his leg lift.

The government has denied the claims saying the video was authentic because Morrison had done at least five minutes of warming up before recording.

“Scomo would have done about 15 hammy stretches before take one,” says the Prime Minister’s office head of public relations David Klim.

But video analysts say the clip repeats several frames that do not appear in the original footage.

Analysis by video technicians claim the video “halts” and then repeats several frames in order to exaggerate Morrison’s flexibility.

“Scomo can’t raise his right leg that high,” says video expert Ralph Phillips.

Morrison, who self identifies as “Scomo”, denies the allegations.

“Yes, I can lift my leg that high, that’s what I call a ‘fair dinkum’ leg lift.”