Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called on Christian leaders to take “special responsibility” for stamping out radicalism in their communities, saying they must be proactive and “call this out for what it is”.

Speaking on Saturday in the wake of the sentencing of Cardinel George Pell, Morrison said that Christian extremism was the most dangerous form of radicalism against children in Australia.

Morrison made no apology for his “political bluntness” saying he had to “address the real issue here”.

“I am the first to protect religious freedom in this country, but it also means I must be the first to call out religious extremism,” he said.

“There is a special responsibility on religious leaders to protect their religious communities and to ensure that these dangerous teachings and ideologies do not take root here.

“They must be proactive, they must be alert and they must call this out, in their communities and more broadly, for what it is.”

He urged Christian leaders to do more to stop terrorism of children in their organisations.

Image: ABC