Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as “regrettable” his own senators’ decision to back a motion declaring, “it is OK to be white”, while the Coalition’s leader in the Senate has apologised for mistaking the motion for “it is OK to bear white”.

“Of course, it is okay to be white, that’s a given in a society that has been ruled by white people for over two centuries,” Morrison told reporters.

“Bearing white triangular hats on your head is not so acceptable and this needs to change – we should have the right to bear whites.”

The Prime Minister blamed the mix-up on an “administrative error”.

Many people are now making “administrative errors” on their tax returns.

“Yeah, I think I might make an administrative error this year and claim I only earned $60,000 instead of $90,000 before tax,” says one local Sydney resident who wishes to remain anonymous.

Image: ABC