The government has clocked off at 4:30 p.m. on the dot today claiming that the pending encryption bill is not as important as their security of catching an early flight home for their 3-month holiday.

Scott Morrison called an emergency press conference earlier in the day to outline the grave terrorism risks to the population over the Christmas break if encryption laws were not passed.

“Labor needs to quit playing games and pass this bill by 4:30,” Morrison told reporters.

But the government was forced to delay the passing of the encryption bill to stop the votes on a bill allowing medical professionals determine if refugees needed treatment in Australia.

“I prayed and cried on my knees knowing that I may miss my early flight home,” Morrison tweeted.

According to the government, there is now a heightened risk of terrorism over Christmas.

UPDATE: The Labor Party has rolled over and allowed the encryption bill to pass in the Senate without amendments.

Image: ABC