Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Peter Dutton’s forehead should be used to advertise and described opponents of the move as “precious”.

Speaking in the regional NSW town of Blayney on Sunday, Mr Morrison, formerly the chief of Tourism Australia, backed the decision to allow promotions on the immigration minister’s skull.

Peter Dutton currently has “Vote 1 LNP” and “We stopped the needles” etched in the top of his head.

“It’s important to get the message across to the people about the good work we are doing, and what better way than to utilise the space on the minister with the biggest forehead,” Morrison told reporters.

“Why not put it on the biggest billboard Canberra has?

“You could argue that his forehead extends from just above his eyebrows to the back of the top of his cranium.”

The government says they are looking to privatise Dutton’s forehead after Smith’s Potato Chips Corp. reportedly made a strong bid for advertising space.

Image: ABC