Peter Hitchener and a Bic Mac have announced they will be merging to create Peter Hitchener.

Peter Hitchener will be the dominant partner of the combined merger, which will be called Peter Hitchener, with his current holding at around 99.8 per cent of the merger mass.

Peter Hitchener has accepted the recommendation for the deal, unless another company comes in with a better burger.

The deal is said to be worth $5.99.

Nine’s chairman Peter Costello says the deal was likely to see an “increase in mass”, rather than “mass cuts” after the merger.

“Peter Hitchener and the Big Mac have been through that … I don’t think in the operational, day-to-day level there’ll be any loss of mass,” he said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the merger would strengthen both parties.

“I think bringing them together enables two strong Australian brands with great, long traditions to be more secure,” he said.