Scott Morrison has issued an ­11th-hour appeal to voters in Wentworth to “maintain the ­stability of the parliament” urging voters “not to vote for who they want to vote for”.

The Prime Minister told The Morning Squire that the uncertainty that would arise from people using their democratic right could be dire.

“We can’t put that at risk. This is the appeal we are making. I know people are angry about what happened to Malcolm Turnbull, I get it. But we need to now put it behind us … that happened a long time ago and we need to move on.

“The voters should not cause instability by voting for who they want to vote for… Let me be clear, voters can still eat their democracy sausage, we are not taking that away from them.”

Morrison announced this week that he was prepared to move the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to sure up votes from the large Jewish community in Wentworth.

“If the government is clever enough to hide the fact that Dave Sharma was intimately involved in the spying scandal where the Australian Secret Intelligence Service planted 200 covert listening devices in the Timor-Leste Cabinet Office in Dili to obtain information to ensure Australian interests held the upper hand in negotiations over the rich oil and gas fields in the Timor Gap, we should get the people’s vote.”

Image: ABC