Members of the Liberal Party have reacted to the latest Telstra and Optus service disruptions saying the privatisation of the ABC “will help increase competition” for outages.

An overwhelming majority of Liberal members voted last week to privatise the ABC with this week’s Optus and Telstra outages justifying their proposed policy.

“We need the free market to make the ABC more efficient in competing for outages,” says Young Liberal member Sean Popper.

“Rather than using our brains to determine how companies should operate in society it is much better to let the random forces of the market decide.”

“You know, the completely arbitrary market where powerful people have previously created rules and regulations to favour the powerful.”

Popper pointed out how the free market allowed overseas energy companies – the good Anglo-Saxon ones, not the Chinese ones – to compete for higher prices.

“We also have the public transport system competing to see who can run their trains the latest.”

Liberal members are now pushing for the ABC to be sold to a media mogul that is not Chinese.