Coalition advisors have celebrated a well-conceived policy initiative of placing the opposition leader’s given name into a bad sounding word.

‘Unbelieva-Bill’ is now set to give the government a much-needed boost in the polls next week.

The brilliant team of LNP strategists devised the ingenious plan of taking Bill Shorten’s name and placing it inside another word but were unsure if a suitable word even existed during the initial stages of the brainstorming session.

“I know, what if we add ‘Bill’ to a word that ends in ‘ble’, like ‘delectable’, but instead of delectable a word that’s not good,” said the government’s chief political strategist Joe Petrie.

“What about ‘Trou-Bill?” asked unpaid intern Greg Lochie.

“Hmm, too short, most of the population would be too stupid to figure out we were actually putting the word ‘Bill’ inside the word trouble,” said Petrie.

“Oh my God, I’ve got it! Unbelieva-Bill!” Petrie announced to his colleagues.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison immediately approved the superb policy plan.

Image: AppreciationParty


  1. Not as good as Turnbullshit or Dirty Dutton or Slow mo or Barnrooter etc etc etc.

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