The federal government has committed to a two-year trial of safe strawberry injecting rooms, after calls for a supervised space.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said it would save lives.

“I look forward to speaking to less families who have been subject to the trauma and grief of having to cut up a strawberry,” he said.

Up to 11 people can use the rooms at once, and it is estimated up to 3,000 people may visit throughout the day.

The government is now also considering safe apple injecting rooms.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an increased penalty from 10 to 15 years jail for anyone caught tampering with fruit.

“They’ve gone too far now, they are now targeting Pink Ladys,” says Morrison.

“If you murder someone, you may get 8 years, but if you mess with the Pink Lady, you will get 15.”

“Granny Smiths will set you back 10,” he told reporters.