A confusing privacy policy update from former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has popped up in millions of email inboxes this week.

“To help simplify and explain your choices about your elected officials, I have updated my privacy policy,” the email states.

The email attempts to explain the most important rules of Barnaby Joyce’s private life.

“The first rule of Barnaby’s privacy policy is Barnaby doesn’t talk about Barnaby’s private life.”

“The second rule of Barnaby’s privacy policy is Barnaby will talk about Barnaby’s private life if the price is right.”

The email goes on to detail policies related to “sharing personal information”.

“I will only share my personal information with third parties to help Vickie Campion, the baby, and I, make a reasonable profit out of serving the people.”

The email doesn’t require any action by the recipient other than to watch Channel 7’s Sunday Night program.