Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has accused the Labor party of supporting a policy that will end his ability to torture children on Nauru.

“I broke my arm torturing those little bastards to help keep Australian borders safe,” Dutton told reporters.

Dutton has hit out at the opposition’s support of a bill to urgently transfer sick asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia, saying if he isn’t able to continue inflicting pain on these children “the boats will restart” – although the government has admitted to transferring around 90 per cent of the children to Australia already.

The government has kept all information about boat arrivals completely secret since 2014.

The government’s own website lists the number of boat arrivals for each year after 2014 as “N/A”.

“We’ve stopped the boats by keeping the number of boat arrivals to N/A,” said Dutton.

In reality, the boats have just been stopped mid-journey and forced to go back to their place of departure.

Image: ABC