A “packed commuter train” in London says it was forced to go milkless because a breastfeeding UK mother wouldn’t offer them a drink.

But commuters on the train also said they didn’t ask her because: “We shouldn’t have to ask”.

Kate Hitchens posted a selfie to Instagram breastfeeding her selfish six-month-old son Charlie.

“Yeah, Charlie was fine, but what about me?” said 48-year-old commuter Peter Hamilton.

“I was parched.”

One passenger looked up from a book directly at Ms Hitchens, but before she could offer the man a drink Charlie was back at it.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this family,” thought 59-year-old accountant Phil Rogers.

“Next time you see someone thirsty on the train — if you’re breastfeeding please offer them a drink.”

Image: Instagram/Kate Hitchens’ Kitchen BLW Club