Yet another Prime Minister family portrait has been photoshopped into an image of a pair of white shoes and posted on the official government website.

Scott Morrison, wife Jenny and daughters Lily and Abbey have been photoshopped into the same white sneakers as the families of Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott, and Kevin Rudd.

“It’s the fourth family in 5 years,” says the official photoshopper for the Prime Minister’s office Mason Roberts.

“It’s much easier to keep the shoes and photoshop the family.”

The shoes are white and therefore have a certain quality of stability suiting any attire the Prime Minister may be wearing at the time.

“They are way more stable than the acting government,” says Roberts.

Mr Morrison has hit back at the scandal with a hilarious joke on Twitter today posting a picture of his feet wearing a pair of white shoes accompanied with a balding joke.

Bill Shorten’s family will be photoshopped into the white shoes in May.