A Chief Executive Officer working in inner city Sydney has been working a lot harder than his fellow employee Albert Sanchez.

CEO Peter Walters spent most of today slaving away at a hot round table whilst Sanchez did what some women don’t even get paid to do.

“Look, I don’t know his name, is it Allan? But if he puts a little more back into it he could actually become the president of his own cleaning franchise one day,” says Walters.

Walters says he “worked hard to be born into a wealthy family” and “busted his gut” not doing too many drugs as a youngster.

“If I had of done more drugs my family may not have used their connections to get me an awesome job,” says Walters.

Walters shook his head in disgust later in the evening after seeing Sanchez leave the office building slightly earlier than usual, apparently so he could get home in time to prepare for his second job.

Image: Flickr 1, 2