Russian President Vladimir Putin has won re-election in a landslide victory, with America failing to have much influence over the results.

“We tried, but failed miserably,” said one CIA officer.

The U.S is now reflecting on the “good ol’ days” when they managed to finance a pathway for the election of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

“We couldn’t achieve what we did in 1996 when President Clinton approved a $10.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund to bolster support for Boris Yeltsin.”

According to political scientist Dov Levin, America was at its greatest between 1946 and 2000 where it successfully meddled elections all over the world.

“60 different independent countries have been the targets of such interventions,” Levin writes. “The targets came from a large variety of sizes and populations, ranging from small states such as Iceland and Grenada to major powers such as West Germany, India, and Brazil.”

“And this doesn’t include US-backed coups.”

The world is now looking to Trump to restore America back to the glory days.

Source: Vocativ