Katter Australia Party leader Bob Katter has defended his colleague Fraser Anning after the Queensland senator said white Australians are victims in their own country.

Katter told reporters the fear is driving him crazy and he is personally considering seeking asylum.

“I’m considering going to the Park Centre for Mental Health,” he said.

“Although, I’m feeling mostly okay – I’d say 900% healthy, 100% batshit.”

Senator Anning was criticised from across the political spectrum for calling for a “final solution to the immigration problem”.

The phrase “final solution” is commonly associated with Nazi Germany’s persecution and genocide of the Jewish peoples of Europe during World War II.

Katter said Senator Anning was “too stupid” to know what he was actually saying.

“Anning doesn’t know history, but he does love Yumi’s Jewish dips,” he said.

“While all Katter Australia Party members are not crazy, most Katter Australia Party members these days are.”