Australia has solved its homeless crisis by subsidising housing costs for those in need but has lost all of its aspiration.

The government immediately pushed through policies to build more affordable housing after it was inundated with calls and emails from people that had watched SBS’s Filthy Rich and Homeless three-part documentary series.

Cameron Daddo was one of five high profile Australians who appeared in the program that helped turn public opinion on homelessness, however his brother Andrew Daddo has now lost all motivation to finish his new book “Doing Daddo”.

“Yeah, Andrew lost all impetus and just stopped writing when he heard the news the government would be handing out housing subsidies,” says Cameron Daddo.

“After the homeless crisis ended and he knew he could be unemployed living in government funded housing, he just put down the pen.”

Andrew Daddo says he has fired his agent and is looking forward to sleeping in every day.