An Aussie who religiously commemorates Anzac Day has commented on Facebook today saying indigenous Australians need to get over the past.

Keith Robson, who proudly wears the Australian flag on Anzac Day despite never being negatively impacted by any major war, complained that the colonisation of Australia was now just an event relegated to history.

“How long are we gonna have to hear about children being stolen?” commented Robson.

“They need to get over it.”

Robson is enthusiastic about remembering the battle of Gallipoli that occurred between 1915 and 1916, but strongly urges aboriginals to forget about being classified as fauna between 1901 and 1967.

“Why can’t they just forget about it?”

“It would do them good to take on some values of mateship that we forged as a nation a long time after we arrived on boats and committed over 150 massacres.”

Robson commented that aboriginal leader Galarrwuy Yunupingu “should hand back his gold watch if he wants his land back.”

“And while your at it, we’ll have back those glasses that are made out of the metal we rightfully stole from your land.”