The aspiration for members of parliament, senior public servants, agency heads and judges is set to rise by two per cent from next month on July 1.

The decision will see the Prime Minister’s motivation rise to $538,460 — up from $527,878.

The base aspiration for federal MPs will rise from $203,030 to $207,100.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s enthusiasm levels will intensify from $375,606 to $383,135, while cabinet ministers will be around $7,000 more passionate about their jobs.

Employees in other industries are also calling out for extra motivation.

Scientists working for the CSIRO say they would gain extra motivation to find a cure for cancer if they were to receive the government’s proposed $10.50 per week tax cut for low and middle income earners.

“If I had $500 a year more motivation I may actually be able to find a cure for this terrible disease,” says Dr. Maria Hatwell.

“At the moment, my aspiration is really stifled by an amount of around $2 a day.”